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Optimise your Investment in International Growth

How to Develop a Focused Strategy, Business Case and Action Plans to support your International Market Expansion

Optimise your Investment in International Growth

How to Develop a Focused Strategy, Business Case and Action Plans to support your International Market Expansion

Sustaining growth through international expansion is only achievable if it is driven by “purposeful” exporting.

Australia is a small market with up to one third of firms looking to pursue scale through export. Research conducted with active exporters reveals that many take a trial-and-error approach, experiencing multiple stretch factors and pain points before they get it right. Most do not reach their growth potential – despite their commitment of financial, people and other resources, along with the exposure of their IP and brand in export markets. This is not optimisation.

Having proficiency in entering overseas markets, and the processes that go along with it, is not the same as having capability for purposeful exporting.

A more holistic and rigorous approach is required whereby exporters are able to interrogate all aspects of an overarching growth strategy. And from there, have the ability to identify, test and prepare for realistic export opportunities where the business can demonstrate strong value.

Discover the Attributes of Highly Successful Exporters who deliver Transformational Growth

    Now through a combination of learning, facilitation and advisory support you can access a proven Framework that will provide you with this capability. This framework has been validated through an aggregator model based on the attributes of successful Australian exporters who achieve sustained growth in export markets – in addition to direct feedback from hundreds of active exporters. Leaders and their management teams can apply this Framework to:


    • Develop an international growth strategy based on their unique value creation and capacity to deliver.
    • Identify which customers in which markets will derive the greatest amount of value from their offering, as well as the external capability required to deliver a strong outcome.
    • Embed this strategy within the broader business and get the whole team focused and pulling in the same direction.
    • Develop and execute on go-to-market plans that fully leverage the growth opportunity and optimise the return to the business, and for investors.
    • Leverage a network of relevant agencies and specialists that can help them on their growth journey.
    • Develop resilience to the inevitable supply chain and other shocks of international markets.

    Monique Donaldson, BEc (USyd), PhD(C), GAICD, International Growth Specialist and Principal Consultant, The Purposeful Exporter

    Monique Donaldson has over 30 years of experience in international business. Beginning with offshore business start-ups in Africa and Europe, she progressed to management oversight of multiple markets as a Board Director for a global business services firm based in London. Monique also spent many years in advisory roles with Austrade and Business NSW helping hundreds of exporters prepare for and enter new markets. Until recently she was the International Growth Specialist for the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme where she led this Practice, mentoring and training over 150 exporters, and surveying their approach to export.

    Through so many shared real-life experiences and research, combined with her own business and consulting background, Monique has been able to aggregate the common success and failure factors to craft a proven framework for “purposeful exporting”. She is an accomplished Presenter, and her International Growth Workshops and Framework are highly valued by clients.

    Monique is passionate about helping Australian exporters optimise their investment in international markets. She is a PhD candidate conducting ongoing research into these identifiable attributes of successful Australian exporters.


    “Monique helps my clients think more strategically about export. She enables them to see it as a core business activity which requires dedicated management time and a systematic plan, rather than a ‘’sideline’’ activity or a series of process steps”.

    Katherine Averin, The Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Business NSW

    “Monique, I found the session very useful, and it exceeded my expectations. Your questions were on point and prompted me to consider a number of key issues that I had overlooked, or which benefited from a different perspective. I felt you narrowed down on key issues very quickly and this was most helpful to cut through some of the complexity. I certainly look forward to engaging on the next steps”.

    Dr Andrew Mears, CEO & Founder, SwitchDin

    “The insights from Monique’s presentation have been invaluable. To have exposure and access to the full range of strategic insight has added enormous value to our business thinking and direction. Looking forward to our next discussions”.

    Bevan Rashford, CEO, Action Laser

    “Thank you for the workshop.  You have reinvigorated our export focus.  I am off to the US next week and plan to put some your lessons into practical application”.

    Peter McCoy, Director, Waliz Nuts

    “I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your time and efforts last week. Shane and I took a lot out of the day. It was also a great opportunity to network with other exporters which we found really beneficial”.

    Jackson Garlick, GM, Garlo’s Pies

    “Many thanks to Monique. I found it very thought provoking and resulted in a lot of great resources to be used in the coming months as we navigate our go to market strategy. Would be great to connect with you all again as and when.”

    Tony Birrell, Chief Operating Officer, Learning Vault

    “Thank you for this program Monique. It was thorough, explanatory and provided us with actionable steps to move forward. Very grateful for the opportunity to participate”.

    Francine Bishop, Business Manager, SCT Operations