Services Offered

SERVICE 1: Small Group Workshops


Introducing a Framework for Leadership and Strategy Development for International Growth: 6-month Program

You are invited to a 6-month Program for Founders, Directors and their management teams committed to gaining the capability to optimise their investment and deliver real growth through export. It is for experienced exporters as well as those businesses who aspire to grow through international expansion.

Join International Growth Specialist Monique Donaldson for a deep dive into how and why firms need to commit to leaning into this capability to change their mind-set, and from there, the growth pathway of their business. This capability cannot be delegated or outsourced because export is not a side bar to your business. Rather it is core to your growth.

This Program will be delivered through a number of elements, and in a way that works for busy leaders and their management teams:

    1. A pre-workshop review of your approach to date, what’s worked and what hasn’t. Along with a brief introduction to the purposeful exporter Framework
    2. A face-to-face and highly participative one-day workshop for small groups of exporters to learn how to apply the Framework in their business. It is recommended that two or three representatives participate from each firm so this strategy and capability framework can be embedded across your business.
    3. Follow-up advisory support to ensure your growth strategy and go-to-market plans are consolidated and documented. And to keep your implementation of key actions on track.
    4. Help in navigating your journey through referrals and introductions to vetted specialists and agencies who can help you.
    5. Facilitated virtual sessions between cohorts of exporters to share challenges and progress.

    Program Elements

    1. Program Onboarding, Review of Export Experience, Workshop Preparation: Virtual
    1. Welcome to Program by Monique Donaldson and Introductions
    2. Explanation of the export diagnostic tool and review of approach to export so far
    3. Introduction to some strategy elements to prepare for the Workshop.
    2. International Growth Leaders Workshop – Presented by Monique Donaldson: Face-to-face, One Full Day
    1. The mind-set and performance of Australian exporters. What current research and aggregated data tells us
    2. Exporter personas
    3. Introduction to a reliable, best practice, structured framework
    4. How to identify and progress the right opportunities that you can deliver and sustain.
    5. Scaling models for international market expansion: knowing your unique value creation.
    6. Leadership, management and culture: preparing your business and people for focused growth.
    7. How to get the support and capability you need, when you need it, at home and in the target market.
    8. What does Purposeful Exporting look like? The identifiable attributes of highly successful exporters who achieve transformational growth in international markets (based on current research and the shared experiences of 100s of exporters).
    9. Analysis of real-life exporter case studies
    10. How to use an Overarching Growth Strategy and Go-to-Market Planning with teams, owners, boards, CFOs, investors, lenders, agencies and grant opportunities.
    11. Provision of materials, resources, tools and templates to help you adopt and share this capability back in the business.
    12. Receive an accreditation of completion in Leadership and Management Capability for International Growth.

    Full Day Workshop with Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea provided.

    The Workshop is an intensive, highly participative and rigorous learning opportunity. Participants will work alongside other exporters to address specific issues and challenges faced by all businesses pursuing international growth. Benefit from peer-based discussions based on real export experiences!

    Monique teaching Sydney workshop March
    3. Post Workshop Six Months Advisory Support by Monique Donaldson
    1. Monique to provide a one-on-one, post-workshop review of each firm’s documented Strategy and Go-to-Market Plan, along with written feedback, recommendations & referrals.
    2. Monique to host 3- and 6-month catch-up sessions with cohort group to check in and keep progress on-track (will be virtual)
    3. Participants have option for a further one-on-one advisory support session with Monique (one-on-one advisory sessions may be virtual outside of Sydney).

    Firms that commit to this Course will be able to:

    • Develop an international growth strategy based on their unique value creation and capacity to deliver.
    • Identify which customers in which markets will derive the greatest amount of value from their offering, as well as the external capability required to deliver a strong outcome.
    • Embed this framework within the broader business and get the whole team focused and pulling in the same direction.
    • Develop and execute on go-to-market plans that fully leverage the growth opportunity and optimise the return to the business.

    Participants will also gain a new network of exporters, agencies and specialists that can help them on their growth journey.

    For more information contact Monique Donaldson

    BEc (USyd), PhD(C), GAICD
    International Growth Specialist and Principal Consultant

    SERVICE 2: Delivery of in-house Strategy Development Workshops and Advisory Support


    Supporting the Delivery of Transformational International Growth

    Post entry, and upon gaining some initial traction, exporters can struggle to sustain and deepen their presence in existing export markets. Whilst at the same time seize the opportunities presented in new markets to help them achieve their growth goals.

    Ongoing discipline and focus are required to extract increasing returns from existing markets. This often requires a doubling down, and a transition into horizon two or horizon three strategy work. This commitment must be maintained; even whilst rigour and resources are applied to prepare a business case for new endeavours. For fast-growing firms with increasingly complex activities this often requires some further specialist support.

    Monique can deliver tailored in-house workshops and provide one-on-one advisory support to help leaders and their management teams:

    • Evaluate progress and execution of key actions in export markets
    • Review supply chain activities and Partners’ performance in export markets
    • Assess export market traction and return on investment to date
    • Re-evaluate strategies and planning as required
    • Transition into horizon 2 and 3 work
    • Assess and progress new export market opportunities that are aligned with the firms’ growth strategy – including the preparation of a business case
    • Develop the broader teams’ capability to support international growth? What further skills and expertise should be recruited and developed?
    • Provide targeted and relevant referrals and introductions to vetted specialists and agencies as required.

    Advisory and Governance Board engagement may also be considered.

    Please contact Monique Donaldson to discuss your needs and receive a proposal.