“The insights from Monique’s presentation have been invaluable. To have exposure and access to the full range of strategic insight has added enormous value to our business thinking and direction. Looking forward to our next discussions”.

Bevan Rashford, CEO, Action Laser

“Thank you for the workshop.  You have reinvigorated our export focus.  I am off to the US next week and plan to put some your lessons into practical application”.

Peter McCoy, Director, Waliz Nuts

“Monique, I found the session very useful, and it exceeded my expectations. Your questions were on point and prompted me to consider a number of key issues that I had overlooked, or which benefited from a different perspective. I felt you narrowed down on key issues very quickly and this was most helpful to cut through some of the complexity. I certainly look forward to engaging on the next steps”.

Dr Andrew Mears, CEO & Founder, SwitchDin

“I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your time and efforts last week. Shane and I took a lot out of the day. It was also a great opportunity to network with other exporters which we found really beneficial”.

Jackson Garlick, GM, Garlo’s Pies

“Many thanks to Monique. I found it very thought provoking and resulted in a lot of great resources to be used in the coming months as we navigate our go to market strategy. Would be great to connect with you all again as and when.”

Tony Birrell, Chief Operating Officer, Learning Vault

“Thank you for this program Monique. It was thorough, explanatory and provided us with actionable steps to move forward. Very grateful for the opportunity to participate”.

Francine Bishop, Business Manager, SCT Operations

“Thank you Monique for an enlightening program- so much to think about as we approach exporting. I hope we’ll all stay in touch – I’m keen to hear about everyone’s progress on this exciting journey”.

Annabel Reid, Chief Operating Officer, Fifth Domain

“Hey Monique, A big thank you to the insights that you gave in the workshop.  I always appreciate people that challenge my point of view, and you all did that with great success. I look forward to implementing some of the learnings”.

Steve Pastor, CEO, Kings of Neon

“I really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to our future interactions”.

Steve Burgess, Corporate Strategy, Ampcontrol Group

“A huge thank you for guiding us through the export program. I personally found the experience enormously beneficial, with many of the learnings to now form the foundation of our exporting efforts over the foreseeable future. It was also a pleasure to share conversation around real world exporting experiences, good and bad!”

Michael Hatcher, GM, Bunnamagoo Estate Wines

“Thanks Monique for a great workshop. We have definitely taken loads away for purposeful expansion!”

Danielle Owen Whitford, CEO/Founder, Pioneera

“I attended the Export Strategy Workshop facilitated by Monique Donaldson the last couple of days. Very thought provoking”.

Brad Burrows, Founder, Park Agility

“Workshop was very detailed, more than I expected so was very satisfied. I left with a good understanding of what would be required for a successful exporting operation for when we start. Appreciate the opportunity.”

Scott Roworth, Director, Bluedog Fences

“I really enjoyed the day and would say it was the first time I have been in a room where professional business was at play especially in the export game. Thanks for all your contributions and let’s keep working on it.”

Justin Jarrett, Owner, See Saw Wine

“Thank you for your effort and time over the past few days, for delivering such a thorough and thoughtful program. It was really valuable, and I am sure we will be using many of the insights to grow our exports at Grove Estate.”

Sophia Fernon, Grove Estate Wines

“Thank you again for your time this week. I know the team and I will really benefit from this ongoing”.

Georgia Somerville, Pepe Saya Butter