Supporting the Delivery of Transformational International Growth

Post entry, and upon gaining some initial traction, exporters can struggle to sustain and deepen their presence in existing export markets. Whilst at the same time seize the opportunities presented in new markets to help them achieve their growth goals.

Ongoing discipline and focus are required to extract increasing returns from existing markets. This often requires a doubling down, and a transition into horizon two or horizon three strategy work. This commitment must be maintained; even whilst rigour and resources are applied to prepare a business case for new endeavours. For fast-growing firms with increasingly complex activities this often requires some further specialist support.

Monique can provide one-on-one advisory support to help leaders and their management teams:

  • Evaluate progress and execution of key actions in export markets
  • Review supply chain activities and Partners’ performance in export markets
  • Assess export market traction and return on investment to date
  • Re-evaluate strategies and planning as required
  • Transition into horizon 2 and 3 work
  • Assess and progress new export market opportunities that are aligned with the firms’ growth strategy – including the preparation of a business case
  • Develop the broader teams’ capability to support international growth? What further skills and expertise should be recruited and developed?
  • Provide targeted and relevant referrals and introductions to vetted specialists and agencies as required.

It is recommended that this support be considered as part of an ongoing Advisory Board engagement.

Please contact Monique Donaldson to discuss your needs and receive a proposal.